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In 2020, I made a bold decision to enroll in a lash course, despite previously expressing my disinterest and lack of patience for the craft. However, I felt it was important to give it a try because you never truly know until you experience it firsthand. I realized that money comes and goes, so why not explore the possibility of finding something I truly enjoy? To my surprise, I fell in love with lash artistry. With my innate precision and meticulous nature, it turned out to be a perfect fit for me. Even though it was my very first time handling a lash tweezer, the instructor's innocent question about my prior experience ignited a spark within me and I pondered, "What if I continue on this path?"

Fast forward to my first year in the industry, I found myself fully booked during the holiday season and received numerous recommendations. It was a dream come true, and I had prayed fervently for such success. Through word of mouth, my reputation grew, and my appointment book was consistently filled. Within that first year, I upgraded to a larger space, which is now my current location in Miami Lakes. In 2022, I took part in a global lash artist competition and proudly became a finalist for the year.

Today, I have the privilege of sharing my knowledge and skills through teaching others in my courses. It brings me immense joy to help others feel even more beautiful and provide lash artists all across the country with quality and affordable supplies.

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I excel in crafting personalized lash sets that beautifully enhance our clients' natural beauty. My expertise lies in creating fluffy sets that have incredible retention, lasting up to 2 months when coupled with proper aftercare.

I take pride in offering high-quality lash supplies at affordable prices, ensuring that every lash artist can access top-notch products without straining their budget. Through two years of extensive product testing, we have carefully curated a selection of items that are second to none.

Additionally, I provide mentorship and training courses, accompanied by lifelong product discounts and ongoing mentorship. I am dedicated to supporting lash artists throughout their journey, helping them refine their skills and succeed in the industry.

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